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Maria Gracia's Easy OrganizerMaria Gracia's ebook is a great tool to start with to get all those lists and reminders in one place, it is a must have for anyone who needs help to set up workable systems to get more organized. Your Easy Organizer will help you to stay organized if it is used properly.
Save money on groceries

 Find Out How To Save, Have a Stocked Pantry and Still Eat Well!

Order now, instantly download to get started saving money 5 bonus books and software to show you more tips, tricks and money saving financial record keeping software included

Get Control of Your Finances

At Last, An Easy to Use Budget Software

My Budget Planner

Is there anything more stressful than not having enough money to enjoy life? 

Now you can start handling your money in an accountable manner with this easy-to-use budgeting software.

Imagine stepping into the store with an aisle-by-aisle list in your hand. Zip through the store and out the door.

Good Resources for Getting and Staying Organized

I've checked out some very good resources  available online and would like to introduce you to a few that I know can help you become more organized.

Any books or products directly linked to from this site are ones I recommend after having reviewed and used them myself.

There may be other products advertised on the linked pages I send you to, but only the tools listed below and in the left column are ones I have tried.

Some sites have other useful products, as I have not tried or reviewed them I will leave it up to you to check them out if you see something you might find helpful.

My Stuff

Personal home inventory program.

What would happen if (Heaven forbid) your house burned down or some other disaster occurred? Would you be able to give your insurance company an up-to-date complete list of your possessions?

Probably not, but, you know when you stop to think of all the things you own, it would be a shame if you couldn't remember what you actually lost. Think about it.

This free software will help you keep track of an unlimited number of household items including tools, furniture, jewelry, appliances and other valuables and keep a digital picture too.

If you want help with your inventory and you live in the Fraser Valley or the Hope/Fraser Canyon area and you'd like to get an up-to-date inventory or your personal or business possessions, Organized Forever can help. Check our services pagefor more info.

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Time Management Software

Helpful software you can try for free. All chosen to help you get control of your time.

Your Voice Reminder

Prioritize your activities and keep track of special dates with this free demo. The software program is easy to use and handles one-time or custom recurring events. It even talks to you!

Date Remember

This freeware program is terrific for to-do lists and reminders. You can work ahead if you have something you want to remember for next week! Easy to use.

Mini Reminder

Nice little program to keep track of yearly events. Input birthdays, anniversaries and yearly household chores like setting the clocks ahead or paying your taxes.

Quick To-Do Light

Download this free little program and start making your to-do lists. Easy to use and very helpful.

Go wild at the mother of all checklist sites! Every posssible thing you could think of is here to help you create your own checklists to set up your new routines and systems.

Country Clipart - Printable lists

Download these lovely to-do lists, shopping lists, gift tags and more! Print them out to use.
Digital Women - Daily Planner

Free printable lists to help you organize everything from menus to weekly goals. Make your own planner if you like

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Create Your Household Notebook

A wonderful resource, now you can print out pages and create your very own Household notebook! Quite comprehensive and easy to set up.

Electronic Recipe Manager

User-friendly recipe management software. If you've ever downloaded a recipe manager off of the web and wished it was easier to use, this package is for you.

CRM FREE version now includes basic functionality that NEVER expires and has no limit in the number of recipes!

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