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Finding Judy Brown online has been heaven sent.  She not only has given me processes to declutter my house but is my biggest cheerleader.  Her encouragement has led me to anticipate our online appointments so I can crow about my accomplishments. 

I was nervous sending her digital photos of some of the nasty areas in my house and found her to be entirely without judgement.  She would step past the clutter, look at the possibilities of the space and come up with amazing practical solutions. 

I found the time we worked together very motivating.  I admit there were times when I didn't do the jobs that I had said I would and was a bit worried that she would be cross with me but she never was.   Although I'm not very practical, we would discuss specific problem areas, and I would find myself coming with some of my own practical solutions.  

I remember looking at my house and being so overwhelmed.  I didn't have a clue where to start so it just didn't get done.  Judy was able to help me break up the big jobs into smaller, more workable tasks and gave me perspective on it all.  

I'm well on my way to having a much nicer living space and often will find myself stopping at a shelf and thinking...

"Maybe if I go through my cookbooks and send the ones I don't use to the thrift store,  I can move all my vases from the hutch onto this shelf." 

...and then my hutch and cookbook shelf look way better. 

All the work we did together was online.  I was unsure whether this was going to work.  But Judy knows what she's doing and gave me processes to work on the house. 

It would have been great to have Judy come here in person to help me.  But, you know what, I don't think it would have worked so well.   I have a feeling that sooner or later the clutter would have reappeared and I'd be calling her again. 

This way I did it myself and because I did it on my own and because I committed to it, I think it will stay organized much much longer. 

Monica Hogg

Online Decluttering 1-On-1

Course length: Four Weeks
Fee: $179.00 US     (discounts for multiple rooms)

Recommended book: How to Be Organized Inspite of Yourself - Time and Space Management That Works with Your Personal Style  
by Sunny Schlenger & Roberta Roesch


Are you tired of cluttered surroundings? Have you tried to declutter only to have the papers and mess back to utter chaos in no time?

There are organizing principles that can help you declutter and learn new ways to manage that will help you to stay clutter free. Sometimes all it takes is a few new systems and routines to maintain your space once the clutter is gone. I can help you devise systems and routines that will work for your particular lifestyle, you'll also find out how to get those pack rat messies you live with to buy into your new system and get them to take better care of their belongings and your home.

This workshop will consist of four lessons. Each lesson will include some online course content and related reading assignments, along with a practical homework assignment specifically related to your own projects. During the course you will have access to a private client message board where you are encouraged to post questions and discuss the course work with Judy, you may also choose to have one 30-minute telephone consultation each week.

In order to participate in this workshop, you will have to have digital pictures to send me of the room you want to declutter. I will look the pictures over and try to use items you already have on hand to make suggestions on how best to rearrange and declutter the room. This has proven to be a very effective method for online consultations. Do not clean up the room before you take the pictures.

Depending on how our schedules coincide, we will be discussing your decluttering project on a daily basis, five days a week, through the message board. We may also use online chat or messaging once or twice a week.

Please Note

Be sure you are signing for a time when you can set aside, at least, five or six hours a week to work on the course. That should be ample time for you to read through the course material in each lesson and work for an hour a day on your  projects. That is not a firm daily time estimate, you may not have to work everyday and there may be some days you choose to work on your project for a longer period of time, or for fewer hours and that is fine, it is up to you. I just want you to be aware that it will take a time committment on your part in order to succeed.

Registration and Payment:

Please choose your payment preference below. You will be taken to a secure payment page on the Paystone or the Paypal website, depending on which option you decide to use. You will also get an email telling you your registration/payment information has been received. Your enrollment will be verified by an email from Organized Forever as soon as your payment has been processed and confirmed. Paypal payments will be processed through our parent company Creative Purrsuits.


1-on-1 Decluttering Workshop Registration and Payment

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