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We've got mail!Dear Judy,

Your postings have been so helpful that even I, who have twin 18-
week-old boys and a four-year-old have been able to become more organized.

I'm also very impressed because you've made suggestions that I've never seen anywhere else.

A topic near and dear to me is organizing children's rooms. If it ever interests you to write on it, I'll be an avid and happy reader.

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!

Heather Beaudry

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Hi Judy,

Your laundry tips were excellent! My problem is this: I bought a new Kenmore. The new washer just hasn't cleaned the clothes as well, especially stained items. I've tried everything I can think of including changing water temp, water fill amount, amount of detergent, and longer cycles. The only thing that seemed to work is adding a prewash cycle with detergent. What a hassle, not to mention the additional expense!

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Best regards, A.S.

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