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Judy Brown

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Freelance Writer
Professional Organizer

Charter Member of the BC Chapter of the Professional Organizers in Canada

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About Judy

Judy, founder of Organized Forever, is a freelance writer, professional organizer and consultant to home-based business owners.  Having raised a large family, worked at a challenging career or two and reached personal goals that enriched her life, Judy has aquired a lifetime of experience at getting organized in all areas.

Yes, it's true, Judy knows what it's like to hide dishes in the oven before the mother-in-law visit. It wasn't unusual, when she cleaned house, for her kids to ask: "Who's coming over mum?" She learned the hard way, but guess what? She is now relatively organized, and ready to share her tips and tricks with you. :)

Organized Forever was created so Judy could help others learn to get organized and stay organized.  She combines all the skills and abilities e aquired in her employment and life experience as a: mother, wife, foster-mother, sister and friend to share her experience and knowledge with others who want to live a more organized lifestyle.

Experience includes:

  • Justice of the Peace in the BC Provincial Court conducting bail hearings, search warrant applications and conducting first appearances in remand court. Other duties included: Deputy Registrar of the Small Claims Court, Commissioner of Oaths, Trial Scheduler and call-out JP. (1991-2001)

  • Clerk of the Court: assisting Provincial Court Judges by maintaining files and exhibits, swearing in witnesses and ensuring that all court proceedings ran smoothly. (1985-1998)

  • (1999-present) Established Creative Purrsuits a home-based online consulting service for home-based business owners and new writers, developed and gave workshops on creative and business writing. Judy's award winning writers' newsletter was archived in the National Library of Canada's Electronic Collection.

  • Community Librarian in Lytton, BC, supervised staff and handled a collection of over 3000 books, magazines and periodicals.

  • Developed excellent customer service skills working in various large and small retail establishments.

Training in communication and coaching skills at the Justice Insititute of BC and in counselling from the University of the Fraser Valley. Her commonsense approach to getting organized has helped many people find new ways to manage, and better yet, they have been enthused and energized by working with her.

Judy has been helping people improve their organizing skills, through her writing, for over twenty years on such topics as: time management, personal self development and residential and business organizing. Now,you can get one-on-one help where you will work online with Judy to declutter your home or office. You will be able to do this from the comfort of your home to make simple changes to live a more serene lifestyle.

Online courses are available to anyone with a computer and Internet access. Workshops,

One of the most requested courses at SuiteU, Conquering Chaos is being made into a series of easy lessons to show you how to get organized and will be available soon. You will be able to take the course at your own computer and join the hundreds of students who have gotten more organized. This course has been taken by people from all parts of the globe.

If you are looking for something different than the usual run-of-the-mill organizing tips, read Judy's articles and see if she doesn't make you want to get organized forever.

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