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Maria Gracia's Easy OrganizerLists can help you to focus quickly on all your tasks and chores  but when you have too many lists and they are all over the place, you may as well not bother making them.

This downloadable PDF book has all sorts of forms to help you organize the easy way. Get everything together in one place and print out the pages to start your very own household notebook.

It is on sale and well worth the money. Download yours now and get started right away!

Easy Organizer

Make your shopping lists  according to how your store displays the items in each aisle.

Instead of wondering where they hid it, zip through the store and out the door. See the Aisle-by-Aisle Shopping Software for details.



Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired and discouraged?

You are sure not alone! Browse the site and find tips and commonsense advice to help you get rid of those feelings. There is only one catch - you actually have to take the advice and try to work it into your lifestyle. Sign-up for one of my online courses and get personal help with your organizing challenges and I'll motivate you on a daily basis.

Does the phrase "I've really got to get organized" sound familiar?

If you're like most people, you've uttered this phrase more than once. Most of us would like to live in uncluttered surroundings and we'd love to have better control of our time. But, most often, no matter what we do, there just aren't enough hours in the day and although we try, we can't seem to stay organized.

Well I'm here to tell you, if I can get organized, anyone can get organized. I've read all the books, tried all the methods and figured out a style that works for me.

Once I admitted that I couldn't make change happen just by reading and thinking about it, I realized I actually had to get off my butt and do something. I got started and made many positive changes in my life. It really was worth it. You can do it too.

checkmarkTired of losing things? How much time do you waste looking for misplaced items?

keyonringIf you've ever had to hunt for your car keys, you know how frustrating that can be. You might speed through traffic just to make up lost time but you're usually late for appointments anyway.  When you do arrive, you are likely flustered and embarrassed. (Especially if you got a speeding ticket.)

It just isn't worth it, a little bit of decluttering and advance planning can put an end to these sort of problems. Find tips to help you manage time and space more effectively on the Tips page of this website.

red checkIs the cat eating salmon for dinner instead of the catfood you forgot to buy?

Ah shopping, I hate it, so many decisions to make. Yes, I admit there have been salmon and tuna dinners for the cats here due to the fact that I 'forgot' to buy cat food. I can't tell you how much it hurt to open a $3 can of salmon and put it in the cat dishes.

I used to be a 'Super Shopper' when I had all the kids at home. I got lazy when I started working full time and there was just cooking for two.

I stopped shopping regularly and quit stocking up. I often stopped on my way home from work to pick up dinner instead of planning meals and cooking each day. I didn't worry too much about cost, I was just happy to get it over with.

I came back to earth when I took early retirement. Now I'm pretty much back to the 'Super' status as I really shop carefully. I can't afford to shop from day-to-day, there are too many other things to spend my time on. :)